Wood Frame of House

Construction Management:

Construction management is our specialized form of project management. Residential construction management is simply construction project management focusing on residential building instead of commercial or industrial building projects.


What exactly does a residential construction project manager do?

Residential construction management is described as professional services that provide a project’s owner(s) with effective management of the project schedule, cost, scope, quality, safety, and function.


Residential construction managers are similar to a custom home builder and oversee everything related to building a residential project, including everything from the planning stage to delivery of the finished home.

As a residential construction manager, Brad and his team help define objectives, look at the feasibility and budget, determining timelines, helping establish performance standards, and guide our homeowners in choosing teams such as sub-contractors and insurers.


When building your residential property, we go beyond the prerequisite technical and financial parameters. Your residence should accurately reflect your preferences, priorities and personalities.


We listen to you and then...plan it that way.